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Twisted holiday cards


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Drive-In Horrorshow DVD!
From the creators of Infinite Santa: award-winning horror film "Drive-In Horrorshow" on sale through Midnight Releasing!

Infinite Santa wrote for the Boston Phoenix this winter.
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Rock And Shock 2010
Six Things Michael learned at Rock And Shock.
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Rock and Shock 2010
Michael and Greg check in from 2010's Rock and Shock. They had a scary good time.
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HorrorHound Weekend 2010
Michael had a crazy, strange, and wild time at 2010's HorrorHound Weekend capped off with Freddy Krueger terrorizing a water park.
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Horror gifts 2010
Michael clues you in on gifts for The Horror Fiend in your life.
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The Popcorn Mafia
Popcorn Mafia
Michael visits and talks with Santa himself!

The Podcast Podcast
Greg and Michael stop by for some Fun Fun.

The Creepture Feature HorrorShow
Creepture Feature
Greg and Michael talk to GregaMortis

Outside The Cinema
Michael on Outside The Cinema

The Dark Hours
Grey from The Dark Hours talks with Michael and Greg at HorrorHound Weekend

The Creepture Feature HorrorShow
Creepture Feature
GregaMortis checks in with Greg at HorrorHound Weekend

FilmMakers Blog
Blog #1
FMBlog 1
So you wanna make an indie film? Great! We're going to help you, or at least send you in the right direction. Our goal with these blogs is to take you through the filmmaking process, step-by-step, and help you to make your movie.
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What people are saying

"If you prefer your Xmas trimmings to be blood red and mutant green, tune in to Infinite Santa 8000."
-Dec 2010 Rue Morgue

"Get in the Christmas spirit of CARNAGE!!"
-The Boston Phoenix

"Think of it as an advent calendar of brutal, blood-soaked awesomeness."
-Strange Kids Club

"Once I saw the first video I was hooked."
-The Creepture Feature HorrorShow

"Infinite Santa 8000 sees jolly St. Nick, well, not so jolly anymore."
-Planet of Terror

"Infinite Santa heats up AND IT'S AWESOME."
-The Fear Inside

"A highly entertaining series."

"Santa is one bad-mother."
-Cassie Carnage's House of Horror

"Special and weird and brilliant."
-The Deadly Doll's House of Horror Nonsense

"Infinite Santa is a lot like Miracle on 34th Street, that is if 34th Street was a post-apocalyptic wasteland inhabited by mutants, robot-clones, and one badass Santa."
-Basement Screams

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